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Finexify unlocks extraordinary alpha for its

Legend Fund investors by navigating the complex world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

We are a boutique investment firm that provides one of a kind opportunity to get into and profit from the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space – the current most promising and complicated prospect of the blockchain industry.

The limited access to DeFi means exceptional risk-return ratio that is unmatched by traditional funds. Reserved only for the most crypto- and tech-savvy, our team is more than prepared to exploit this profit opportunity.





* Profit since inception on Ethereum Green Legend Fund.


Finance & Investments

The core team comes from a business and finance background, graduating from top universities across Europe and the US. We have experience with trading, investment banking, real estate, and corporate finance. 


Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

As we saw the potential of blockchain technology, we entered the industry in 2016 with full force to create and manage multiple cryptocurrency platforms. We currently have in our portfolio a brokerage for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, a digital wallet and exchange platform, and a cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway, among others.

IT & Computer Programming

Our IT team has been developing computer software and mobile applications for a decade. The CTO is one of the founders of a top 100 cryptocurrency and one of the most successful Bitcoin forks. The team has also specialized in projects in the cryptocurrency space for 2 years already and has expertise in security, wallet management systems, and smart contract development.


Legal & Compliance

The Fund's compliance and legal specialists possess an in-depth expertise in AML/CTF for both the traditional fund space and the digital asset ecosystem. This L&C team has become an indispensable part of our company.




Valentin Mihov


Valentin is a software engineer by trade, who turned into finance around the crypto revolution. He started with algorithm competitions in school. Went to international competitions, where he won gold medals. Got a masters degree in software engineering and entrepreneurship.  Bought his first bitcoin in 2013, after learning about the technology and what problems it solves. In 2017 went full-time into crypto as a CTO of a crypto start-up. In early 2020 he became an independent investor and consultant in the sphere of decentralized finance (DeFi) before founding Finexify in the beginning of 2021. He has in-depth expertise in Ethereum, smart contract security and decentralized finance protocols.

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Gary Guerassimov


Gary is a serial entrepreneur with a finance background and strong leadership skills. He is a blockchain enthusiast and visionary with a passion for Fintech products. Since 2016 he has co-founded a local brokerage for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, a digital wallet and exchange platform, and a cryptocurrency merchant payment gateway. Gary is also a trader and holds a BA in International Business Management.

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Looking for extraordinary alpha?

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